Author and Cartoonist H.M. Bateman

The Last Trout. From The Tattler. Copyright H.M. Bateman Designs,

The Last Trout. From The Tattler. Copyright H.M. Bateman Designs,

The American Fly Fisher: the Journal of the American Museum of Flyfishing, just published an article by James D. Heckman on author and cartoonist H.M. Bateman. The London-based Bateman (1887-1970) was an avid angler, but he also satirized the upper class, with whom fly fishing was often associated in the 20th century.  Thus, his favorite pastime was also a subject for his cartoons. Heckmans’s biographical sketch and the cartoons accompanying it (such as the one above) are worth a read. You can access it here: And you can learn more about Bateman (and purchase prints) at the website of H.M. Bateman Designs Ltd.

4 Responses to “Author and Cartoonist H.M. Bateman”

  1. AJ Morris Says:

    That cartoon is a bit too close to reality to be humorous. It speaks of the human condition on many levels, none of which cast us in a positive light…

    On a related note, a biologist I know uses the term “politics of scarcity” to describe much of the attitude in the current resource allocation fights. In his words, “When a resource is abundant, no one cares. When it become scarce or endangered, no one wants to be told they can’t have it.”


  2. Fly Fishing Hanna Says:

    I 100% agree with Morris. IMO every fisher today should be concerned about fish conservation as much as he is concerned about catching said fish. Since trout fishing became so incredibly popular over time some people don’t realize that we are still dealing with living animals that don’t just magically spawn somewhere…


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