1st International Trout Congress

A friend alerted me to a very interesting conference taking place this summer. It will bring together scientific and cultural perspectives upon trout, and it will seek to unite those who have these perspectives to form an established “congress.” The conference is titled The World of Trout. The conference website states, “As a congress, the aim is to assemble an international body for a series of structured lectures and discussions on the relationship between trout and humans.” It also says, “As a celebration, it seeks to infuse the congress with art, literature, angling lore, and special events that promise to make the event both instructional and entertaining.” Perhaps I will see some of you there.

UPDATE: The Trout Congress has been postponed for one year. You can find details at the congress website. Please consider attending in 2016.


3 Responses to “1st International Trout Congress”

  1. crletts Says:

    Thanks for the info! Bozeman in July? Perfect timing, since I’ll be on Rock Creek then. Looking forward!


    • Kenov Says:

      I’ve heard a bit more about it, and it sounds really good. Rock Creek and talk about trout culture are a good mix too.


  2. The International Trout Congress | The Literary Fly Fisher Says:

    […] year, I posted information about the first meeting of the International Trout Congress. That meeting had to be postponed, but it is now scheduled […]


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