Quality and Artistry

As I have noted before, I am a fan of Tim Pantzlaff’s Spey Company fly reels because of their classic styling, bullet-proof construction, and affordability. In the past months, Tim has added features to his reels such as telephone latches — most famously associated with the second generation of Hardy “Uniqua” reels, knurled palming rims, handle material resembling ivory, and more. Currently, you can see some of these features on his 4 inch “Circle Spey” reel.

Tim makes every reel himself.  While obviously a fine craftsman, his artistry also extends to music.  Tim recently created a video of his reels in production and in action, for which he also made an acoustic guitar soundtrack:

I really like my “Single Spey” reel, to which I had Tim add a new ivory-like handle.  As a possible change in location may mean that I’ll be using a two-handed rod regularly, I see one of his larger spey reels in my future too.  And if I stay where I am, I may make use of his ability to create salt-water safe reels.

Mind you, I gain nothing by drawing your attention to these reels.  I simply like to see hard-working people, who make fine art and/or other high quality products at affordable prices, succeed. As the world is increasingly occupied with plastic, disposable, soul-less materials, I feel more strongly about this every day.  That said, if you are in the market for a reel, be sure to look at the Spey Company.

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