Classic and Used Fly Fishing Tackle, Books, and other Paraphernalia for Sale

Update: 3/28/23.

Fly fishing Tackle, Books, and other Paraphernalia for Sale

Click on thumbnails for larger pictures. Additional pictures upon request. If you reside in the lower 48 United States, the shipping cost for rods runs from $26.00 up (depending upon length and whether or not rod needs PVC tube).  The shipping cost for reels is $15.00 (more for priority). Single book shipping is $3.65 for media mail (more priority). If you live outside of the US, please ask for shipping rates. Trades, PayPal, money orders, and checks (pending clearance) accepted. Price negotiations and trades welcome. Check back often, as I lower prices periodically. Also, let me know if there is something in particular for which you are looking. Contact me at International orders are welcome.

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1. Islander IR2. Good condition, except for chipping on one side of frame rim and usual wear to seat. New pawl and handle, extra handles included. Also comes with fur-line Tourbon reel case. $175.00.

2. Peetz 3.5″ Fly Reel. Contemporary Nottingham-style reel, made in British Columbia. Mahogany and brass. RHW. Includes original reel bag. Good Condition. $75.00.



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Books and other Printed Materials:

1. Arnold Gingrich, The Fishing in Print: A Guided Tour Through Five Centuries of Angling Literature (New York: Winchester Press, 1974). First edition. Hard cover. Very good condition. Minor discoloration to spine and edges of cover. Otherwise fine. $25.00.

IMG_1146 IMG_1145

This text remains one of the greatest explorations of English language angling literature. Gingrich was the founding editor of Esquire magazine, the publisher of Hemingway and others, and an exceptional writer himself.

2. Arnold Gingrich, The Joys of Trout (New York: Crown, 1973). Third edition. Hard cover. Good condition. Ex-library. Repair to dust jacket w/ archival tape.  $5.00.

3. John Gierach, Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing (Simon and Schuster Paperbacks, 1990). Paperback. As new condition. $5.00.

4. The Classic Chronicle: A Quarterly Newsletter for Classic Tackle Collectors and Fly Fishermen. Very good condition. Spring, 1999. $5.00 shipped.


From Centennial Classic Sales in Grand Junction, Colorado.  36 pages of classic tackle descriptions and prices.

Other (ask for shipping costs, if not provided):

1. Unbranded, water-proof, swing-leaf plastic fly box. Cost of shipping to your location. Several other boxes available for shipping cost as well.


2. Scott Fly Rods promotional sign. Reads “High Performance SCOTT Handcrafted Fly Rods” on one side. 10 1/4 x 18 inches. $25.00.

3. Framed “Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock” postcard and patch. Postcard reads, “Statue Dedicated by Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock, Hunting Creek, Thurmont, MD, May 23, 1953.” Patch reads “Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock, Organized Maryland 1940.” Frame measure approximately 10 1/8 by 12 1/8 inches.  Wonderful collectible.  $40.00.

4. DVD: Tube Flies for Steelhead, with Rick Kustich. From the case: “In Tube Flies for Steelhead, veteran angler Rick Kustich examines the benefits of tubes while tying proven patterns for both West Coast and Great Lakes Rivers.” 2007. Excellent condition. $5.00 shipped (MSRP $21.95).

5. Columbia fishing vest. Very good condition. Size small. $7.00 shipped, First-Class USPS.


Reels Sold:

Hardy “Uniqua.” 3 5/8 size, duplicated check, no maker stamp. Some evidence of past corrosion, shortened foot. Excellent “user” reel. $60.00. SOLD

JW Young, early 3 inch “Pridex” with original foot and One-Pfoot brass replacement foot. Made in England. Scuffed finish, but in excellent mechanical condition. LL Bean waxed-cotton reel case. Line not included. $60.00. SOLD

SpeyCo (Spey Company) “Single Spey” wide-spool fly reel, in excellent condition. Made in the US. Will ship in Redington reel case. $175.00. SOLD

Unmarked Leonard style, raised pillar reel (CAPS “Sygnet 34”). Unused. Capacity for DT3F line, plus 50 yds of backing. Caliper check. Comes with original drawstring bag. $60.00. SOLD

Pfueger “Progress” 60 skeleton reel. Gunmetal finish (with some brass showing) and wooden handle. Comes with backing and LL Bean waxed cotton reel case. Line not included. $45.00. SOLD

Loop “Model 3W, made in Sweden by Danielsson.  “Original 3W,” rated for 8-12 wt lines.  Very good condition. No case. Line not included.  $125.00. SOLD

Hardy “Cascapedia” MK II 5/6/7. Well-made s-handle reel. Very good condition. Modern “selvyt” style drawstring bag included. Line not included. $250.00. SOLD

Martin “Model 65.”  Made in America. Simple caliper check that can be engaged and disengaged. Very good condition. Includes good WF5F line, original box, and papers. $9.00. SOLD

J. Austen Forbes “Avon” spring and pawl reel. OD 2 7/16″. Marked “Made in England” (from what I understand, Forbes reels were made from J.W. Young parts). Comes with papers and waxed cotton zip-pouch from L.L. Bean (the reel was not sold with a pouch). Also has half of an Orvis DT4F line and plenty of backing. Very good condition. $95.00. SOLD

Hardy “Princess.”  Latest model. As new, used once.  Very minor scuffing on the reel foot from having been mounted on a rod. Otherwise perfect. Comes with original box, papers (minus warranty card, though I’ve never had a problem sending nonwarrantied items to Hardy for repair) and neoprene case.  Line not included. $175.00. SOLD

Hardy “Featherweight.” Single-screw line-guard, made-in-England model. Marked “Hardy Bros Ltd.”  In very good, used condition. Some rim wear.  Also, minor paint loss on face of frame, near reel foot (see picture).  Mechanically perfect.  Strong, reversible check.  No case (though I can supply recent pouch or neoprene case from Hardy). $200.00. SOLD

Hardy “Featherweight.” Latest model.  In excellent, used condition. Very minor scuffing on reel foot from mounting. Very slight wear on rims (the finish is not worn through, as it appears on the pictures; that is only reflected light). One small scratch on the backside of the cage, bottom edge (as seen in picture). Comes with original box, papers (minus warranty card, though I’ve never had a problem sending nonwarrantied items to Hardy for repair) and neoprene case. $145.00. SOLD

Thomas & Thomas “Classic” (early Ross Reels “Gunnison G-3”) and spare spool. Orignal, T&T marked, leather draw-string pouches for both reel and spare spool. Some minor marking on rear of frame and on rim. Unknown line included. $150.00. SOLD

Caps “Airedale”/Fishon “Bear Cub” raised pillar fly reel (unmarked). Excellent condition. Unlined. $30.00. SOLD

Pflueger “Medalist” 1494 DA, made in Akron, OH.  Comes with all One-Pfoot modifications available, installed by One-Pfoot original owner, Bill Franke.  Some very, very minor rim wear, and very minor chipping around line guard (as a result of its installation).  This is one of the very last reels upon which Bill worked.  $160.00. SOLD

Pflueger “Medalist” 1492, made in Akron, OH.  The reel has its original sculpted pillars.  It has been repainted.   Note painting imperfections in picture of reel’s back plate.  Otherwise original.   This is a usable reel, but it is also a good source of parts.  A single replacement part from One-Pfoot will cost as much as the reel.  $15.00. SOLD

Hardy “LRH Lightweight.” Made in England. Early model with ribbed foot and early version of the “L-shaped” line guard.  Fair condition. Mechanically perfect (including new pawls), but the finish is very worn.  Having looked at this reel closely with a magnifying glass, I am sure there is no corrosion. Regardless, it is very much a “user” reel. Comes with Sage Quiet DT5F line in excellent condition. No case or papers, but I have new Hardy neoprene cases and “selvyt” style pouches available. A spare spool alone, from this era, will cost you as much.  $50.00. SOLD

Orvis soft draw-string reel pouch. Good condition (no holes, no tears, etc.). 6½ x 5¼”. SOLD

Sage (J.W. Young) “Model 106,” made in England.  Good condition.  Some scuffing on spool rim.  Sage logo is mostly worn off.  Comes with very good WF6F line (probably Cortland 444).  Nonoriginal case included. $40.00. SOLD

Shakespeare (J.W. Young) “Speedex” multiplier, wide spool. Good condition. $20.00. SOLD

J.W. Young “3530” multiplier, narrow spool. Metal and nylon drag gears. Very good condition. $50.00. SOLD

J.W. Young “Condex,” with original box. Good condition. $45.00. SOLD

JW Young 3 ½ inch “Beaudex.” Good condition. $60.00. SOLD

Lamson “LP 4.” Excellent condition. Papers and non-original, suede case included. Line (marked Cortland 444 SL, WF-10-I), also included. $135.00. SOLD

Pflueger “Medalist” 1495 ½ (made in Akron, USA). Very good condition. Padded case included. $35.00. SOLD

Orvis “Madison III,” made in England.  No case.  Good condition.  Unmarked line included. $35.00. SOLD

Orvis “Battenkill” 7/8 Disc and spare spool, made in England. Original case (marked “7/8” on side) and pouch. Very good condition. No lines included. $110.00. SOLD

Orvis “Battenkill” 8/9 Disc and spare spool, made in England. Original case. Line (marked W F-9-I) included. Very good condition. $125.00. SOLD

Orvis “Battenkill” Large Arbor III and spare spool, made in England. Original case. Line (marked WF-6-F) included. Excellent condition (possibly unused). Spare spool, with original case, and unmarked sinking line included. $145.00. SOLD

Orvis “Battenkill Multiplier” 8/9 Disc, made in England. Excellent condition. Original case and line (marked WF-9-I) included. Spare spool, with original case, and line included. $200.00. SOLD

Ross Reels “Cimarron 1” (standard arbor) . Very good condition. Original box, neoprene case, and Ross Reels line tender included. Line not included. Some minor marks on frame rim. $80.00. SOLD

Thomas & Thomas “Classic” (early Ross Reels “Gunnison G-2”) and spare spool. Zippered pouch for reel, original draw-string pouch for spare spool. Some marking on rear of frame, faintly painted “5 wt” on top of reel foot (where it will not be seen while in use), otherwise in very good condition. Unknown 5 wt line included. $150.00. SOLD

Ross Reels “The Colorado 2” and spare spool. Very good condition. Original boxes, reel pouch, extra drag springs, Ross Reels line tender, and additional Ross Reels neoprene case included. Line not included. Some minor rubbing on bottom of frame rim. $120.00. SOLD

Ross Reels Worldwide “Flywater 3.” Very good condition. Original case and Ross Reels line tender included. No box. WF 7 F line, in good shape, included. “Flywater” logo rubbing off from storage, otherwise perfect condition. $40.00. SOLD

Scientific Anglers Systems 2L, 67L.  Classic disc drag reel.  Excellent condition. Minor marking on reel foot.  No case.   $60.00. SOLD

Early Cortland “Crown,” made in England.  Very good condition; just one paint scrape on spool rim.  Comes with good Cortland “Peach” line, probably WF5F.  Nonoriginal case included.  $25.00.  Please request better pictures if desired. SOLD

Rods Sold:

Wright & McGill Eagle Claw “Trailmaster, No TRP 600-7 1/2 Ft Spin/Fly” combination fiberglass pack rod. Four pieces.  Excellent condition, with original bag and tube. Bag is dirty but otherwise undamaged. $25.00. SOLD

Sage “RPLX.”  9′. Line 12.  Custom wrapped, marked “Emily Zeiders” (former owner of Yellow Breeches Outfitters in Boiling Springs, PA).  Excellent condition.  Nonoriginal bag, no tube.  $50.00. SOLD

Orvis Superfine “Far and Fine.”  7’9″.  5 line.  2 piece.  Made as a “staggered ferrule” rod.  Tip seems to be down 1 inch (rod measures 7’8″).  Original sock and tube.  Very minor scuffing on tube and tube label.  Another Orvis classic.  $100.00. SOLD

Orvis Graphite “Green Mountain.” 8’3″. 7 line. 2 piece.  Original green tube, no sock.  Rod is down 1 1/2 inches.  Still a good caster.  $20.00. SOLD

Orvis Graphite, “Green Mountain.” 9′. 8 line.  2 piece. Good condition.  Comes with matching Orvis cordura rod/reel case.  $45.00. SOLD

Thomas & Thomas “HS908S.”  9′. Line 8.  2 piece.  Marked “Demo.” Excellent condition. Nonoriginal bag, no tube. $95.00.  SOLD

Cabelas “Custom Glass Rod, CRG 570-3.”  7′.  4/5 line.  3 piece.  Mint, unused.  $75.00. SOLD

Silstar “Westminster Fly” boron rod. 8″.  6/7 line.  Small crack in top wrap. 1/2 ” short, but seems to have been made this way.  Beautiful rod.  Good condition, some wear.  Nonoriginal sock, no tube.  $100.00  SOLD.

LL. Bean “Double L.” 8’6″. 6 line. 4 piece. Original cordura tube and sock. Very good condition. $95.00 or make an offer. This is a great, American made rod. SOLD

Scott “STS” 804/4.” 8′. 4 line. 4 pieces. Spigot ferrules with good clearance. Orignal sock and cordura tube. Good condition. Some anodization rubbed off from reel seat. $145.00. No warranty card. SOLD

March Brown Ltd. “Hidden Water 906-7.” 9′. 6 line. 7 pieces. Original cordura tube (pull on zipper broken, but functional) and sock. Good condition. No warranty card. $60.00. SOLD

G. Loomis “IMX” (FR 1148-4 IMX). 9′, 6″. 8 line. 4 pieces. Wooden spacer on reel seat (not for saltwater). Original bag and cordura tube included. Marked for “Bill Kennedy” on butt section. Very good condition. $140.00 SOLD

Orvis Superfine “Tippet.”  7’6″.  3 line.  2 piece.  Rod is in excellent condition, with original sock and tube.   Some scuffing to tube and tube label.  An Orvis classic.  $175.00. SOLD  

Orvis Graphite, “Advantage.” 9’, 3”. 7 line. 2 piece. Staggered ferrule. Good condition. Original tube and sock included. $60.00. SOLD

Orvis Graphite, “Western Series.” 8’,6”. 2 line. 4 piece. Original tube and sock. Very good condition. $100.00. SOLD

Fenwick “Feralite, FF756.”  7 1/2′.  Line 6.  No tube or sock (rod will be shipped in PVC tube).  Rod is in good, used condition.  $90.00.  Please request better pictures if desired. SOLD

Fenwick “Feralite FF70.”  Original tube and sock (with previous owner’s name on tag).  Rod is in very good condition, though missing butt cap.  $80.00. SOLD

Fenwick “Fenglass FF765-2.”  Original bag and tube.  Near mint condition.  Note dent in tube.  Also, rod has been assembled and reel has been fitted on seat.  $100.00.  SOLD

Eddie Bauer “Fly-and-Spin” rod, made by Orvis.  7′.  HCF (7) line.  4 piece.  Nonoriginal sock, no tube.  Very good condition.  SOLD

Books and Printed Materials Sold:

David James Duncan, The River Why, 25th Anniversary Edition (Sierra Club Books, 2002). As new condition. $5.00 SOLD

Trout and Salmon magazine, Vol. 18, No. 212 (February 1973). Good condition. Some fading on spine. $5.00 shipped. SOLD

Trout and Salmon magazine, Vol. 19, No. 221 (November 1973). Good condition. Some fading on spine. $5.00 shipped. SOLD

Harry Middleton, The Earth is Enough: Growing up in a World of Flyfishing, Trout, and Old Men, with a foreword by Russell Chatham (Boulder: Pruett Publishing Company, 1996).  Soft cover.  Fine condition.  Very minor marks to cover from shelf wear. Otherwise, completely clean, crisp, and unmarked. $5.00.

John Gierach, Even Brook Trout get the Blues (Fireside, 1992). Paperback. Very good condition. Owner’s name inside, otherwise fine. $2.50. SOLD

Charles Ritz, A Fly Fisher’s Life: The Art and Mechanics of Fly Fishing (New York, MJF Books, 1996). Hardback. Very good condition. Owner’s name inside, pen markings on p.54, small tear on spine of dust jacket. $10.00 shipped. SOLD

Pennsylvania Angler magazine, “Trout Issue,” Vol. 33, No. 4 (April 1964).  Good condition.  Small tear in cover, some wrinkling due to moisture.  $5.00 shipped.

Joe Brooks, Complete Book of Fly Fishing, Revised and Updated Edition (Outdoor Life, 1968).  Seventh Printing, hardcover with dust jacket.  Good condition.  Minor damage to dj on spine and 2 corners, some minor fading from shelf wear.  $9.00 shipped. SOLD

Reuben R. Cross, The Complete Fly Tier (Rockville Centre: Freshet Press, 1971). Hard cover with dust jacket (with mylar cover). Fine condition.  Minor shelf wear to DJ, very minor yellowing to outside edges of pages from age. Otherwise, completely clean, crisp, and unmarked. Very good condition. $50.00. SOLD

Andrew Herd, The Fly: Two Thousand Years of Fly Fishing (The Medlar Press, 2003). Soft cover. As new. SOLD

Other Items Sold:

Wheatley 1609, 32 compartment fly box, in good condition. $95.00. SOLD

Filson Mesh Vest, Style # 16005. Brand new, unused. Size large. $65.00. Features as described by Filson (with stock photo). SOLD

O’Neill River Systems shoulder bag. Roomy, heavy cordura bag with numerous internal and external pockets. Good condition. $10.00 shipped. SOLD

Wheatley Fly Box 1609. 6″ x 3.5″ x 1.625″ silver aluminum box with 32 compartments. Older box. Made in England. Contains flies. Window springs are rusted and a few are broken. Make an offer (a low one). SOLD

“One-Pfoot” Pflueger Medalist spool latch cover. $17.00. SOLD

Hardy leather and canvas fly wallet. Sheepskin interior. Brand new. $30.00. Two available. SOLD

Large Hardy “D Block” Leather Reel Case. Recent manufacture. Almost new. $115.00. SOLD

Hardy blue and cream zippered case for reels. 4¼” diameter. Don’t know for which reel it was made, but it fits a Hardy Princess. Good condition (reflected light in picture makes case look dirtier), no tears around zipper. $20.00. SOLD

Hardy leather and canvas fly wallet. Sheepskin interior. Brand new. $35.00. SOLD

Scott Fly Rods promotional banner. Reads “High Performance Fly Rods, Scott, Telluride, Colorado.” Approximately 25 x 12 inches. $30.00. SOLD

Okuma fly box, with six window compartments and foam in the lid.  3 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ x 1.”  In very good, used condition. $9.00 shipped. SOLD

Richard Wheatley “1609” 32 compartment fly box.  These are often described as the “Rolls Royces” of fly boxes. Current models retail for $195.50 new. This older box is in excellent condition. The compartment windows all function.  There is some wear to the finish, but the box is otherwise in excellent condition. $70.00. SOLD

Filson “Tin Cruiser Vest.”  New.  Size 46.  $65.00. SOLD

Orvis rod bag for 2 piece, 8 ft rod (2/1). Very good condition. $8.00 shipped. SOLD

Orvis Game Bag (c. 1970s).  Main compartment: 14″x3″x11.”  3 exterior pockets, one interior half-packet.  Very good condition.  No tears.  $80.00. SOLD

Orvis cordura rod carrier.  Very good condition.  56 inches long.  Can fit 4 or more rods in their tubes. Features two large pockets on the outside, carrying strap, etc. Great for 2 piece and 3 piece glass and bamboo rods. $40.00. SOLD

Fishpond “Waterdance Guide Pack.”  Lumbar pack.  Very good condition.  $75.00. SOLD

Fishpond large “Sweetwater” reel case.  Excellent condition.  $20.00. SOLD

Jim Vincent’s RIO “Fly Line Winder (case, spool, and crank included). Excellent condition. $14.00 shipped first class. This is a great, compact way to carry an extra line, and much more durable than the current RIO winding and storage system. SOLD

“Bunyan Bug” fly, tied by Richard Rose, grandson of Norman “Paul Bunyan” Means.”  Means is the originator of the fly.  Both he and the Bunyan Bug feature in Norman Maclean’s A River Runs through It.  $33.00 shipped.  SOLD

Hardy Neoprene Reel Cases.  Very good condition. $14.00 each, shipped first class.  SOLD

Fishpond “Road Trip” fly tying kit. Excellent condition. $65.00. SOLD

Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack. Simms Orange. Used. $50.00. SOLD

Abel combination backpack and chestpack. Excellent condition. Very nice, US made packs. $110.00. SOLD

Cortland chest pack. $30.00. SOLD

Wood River waist tackle bag. $13.00. SOLD

L.L. Bean large neoprene reel pouch. $4.00 shipped first class. SOLD

Orvis drawstring reel pouch. $4.00 shipped first class. SOLD

Orvis plastic leader wallet. Excellent Condition. $4.00 shipped first class. SOLD

Orvis plastic leader wallet. Excellent condition. Includes old mono leaders and 2 packs of Eagle Claw “leader links.” $5.00 shipped first class. SOLD

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