I think most of us tend to enjoy some quiet, which is most easily found away from our human peers. Even Dame Juliana Berners, or whoever actually wrote the 15th century classic The Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle, emphasized that solitude or “social distance” is an ideal part of fishing. This is the case, at least, for those of us who fish for meaning as well as game. She writes:

For when  you intend to go to your amusements in fishing, you will not want very many persons with you, who might inder youu in your pastime. And then you can serve God deveoutly by earnestly saying your customary prayers. And in so doing, you will eschew and avoid many vices, such as idleness, which is the pricipal cuase of inciting a man to many otehr vices, as it right well known. (Modernization of text by Sherman Kuhn, and published in John McDonold’s The Origins of Angling, 1957).

I hope that each of you are able to enjoy some time outdoors–away from your germ-carrying fellow humans–during these challenging days. If not, perhaps consider rereading The Treatyse or some other classic angling texts. Soon, I will post an updated recommended reading list, in hopes that it may be of help in this pursuit. As always, I welcome suggestions from readers.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this helpful guide to social distancing, from the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department.

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4 Responses to “Distance”

  1. Paul Kenyon Says:

    Unfortunately here in the UK no branch of angling is permitted at present under our regulations covering permitted outdoor activities.


    • Kenov Says:

      That must be frustrating. Our restrictions were increased today, but outdoor recreation is still allowed. I hope you have lots to read and lots of fly tying material. Good luck!


  2. AJ Morris Says:

    As you know I’m pretty anti-social at the best of times, so I’m fairly lucky in that sense. But it does suck not being able to work. I’ve got a new steel hard tail coming in May I gotta pay for!

    Hope you, the girls and fuzzy-butt are all well.

    P.S. blue wing olives are starting to hatch on the River “L”…


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