Another use for Wheatley Fly Boxes

Some years ago I visited Scotland with my wife and friends. In a fly shop near the River Tweed, I bought a Wheatley fly box that holds much more than flies. Its contents still sit untouched.

2 Responses to “Another use for Wheatley Fly Boxes”

  1. paulsmallriver Says:

    Ah, beautiful wood, attractive tile, good books and, oh yes, delight in a fly box. A+ I wonder if you will ever chance to imbibe said Scotch or if gazing at it and smiling for many years will suffice.


    • Kenov Says:

      One more year, and I’ll crack it after a decade. I did some hunting years back to see what whisky Wheatley used, but I had no luck. As for the wood, I am minding less-and-less that my wife refinished my office. LOL


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