“I stopped running, and hearing my friend, the terror, the pleading – my survival instinct subdued.”

Recently, via Adventure Journal, I came across the mention of a harrowing grizzly bear encounter that took place in Canada. The encounter involved alpine climbers Nick Bullock and Greg Boswell, from Wales and Scotland respectively. I have never had a great interest in climbing myself, but it has produced some excellent outdoor literature that I appreciate very much. Bullock, himself, authored Echoes: One Climber’s Hard Road to Freedom (Vertebrate Publishing, 2012). He also writes a blog, in which the reader will find some finely written pieces.

Ursus arctos horribilis

Ursus arctos horribilis

It is in his blog, Great Escape. Nick Bullock, that Bullock describes the bear encounter referenced in Adventure Journal. Having spent a significant part of my life in or near grizzly country, bears are never too far from my mind. Fortunately, I have never had any problems with them, nor have any family members. My attitude toward them, therefore, is one of wary admiration, rather than fear or even worry.  However, my attitude might change if I had an encounter like the one Bullock and Boswell did. Bullock’s account, which is harrowing, honest, and amusing–all at the same time– is worth reading. You will find it in his December 1 post, “From Dawn to Dusk. From Dusk to Dawn.” The words in the title of this entry are Bullock’s, and they give a sense of what you will find in his story.

Incidentally, Adventure Journal, now an online publication, will soon be available as a quarterly print publication. The print version will offer unique content and, I assume, some longer format essays. It will likely be an excellent publication. You can find more information here: Adventure Journal Quarterly Subscription.

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