University Course: “Salmon and People”

I am sharing the flyer for a course that a colleague in anthropology is teaching. She is an archaeologist, but she is offering a comprehensive look at the place of salmon in Pacific and Inland Northwest cultures, both Native and non-Native. She has worked closely with Nez Perce representatives to incorporate contemporary Native views. All in all, it’s an impressive course.  In fact, it would be nice to see more classes that focus upon such basic, yet essential topics. Academic theories are important devices through which to understand human perception of the world. But discussions should always start with the tangible things in life.Salmon

3 Responses to “University Course: “Salmon and People””

  1. metiefly Says:

    What a wonderful course… Sad that I am not able to enrol from afar!


  2. Southern Appalachian Fly Fishing and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians | The Literary Fly Fisher Says:

    […] weirs, and spears to harvest fish (it does seem, however, that some other Native American peoples developed fly fishing practices independently from those brought by […]


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