Tom Morgan Rodsmiths and Religion

CBS Evening News has done an On the Road segment, entitled “Legendary Fishing Rod Creator shares a Special Secret,” on Tom and Gerry Morgan, of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.  It is always interesting to see such stories in the mainstream media. In this particular case, the commentator, Steve Hartman, makes reference to the connection between religion and fly fishing that so many writers have claimed for so many centuries. Sadly, though, Hartman then describes a Tom Morgan rod as the “Holy Grail.” Of course, those who attribute deep meaning to fly fishing are inspired to do so by the experience, not the sometimes very expensive tackle. The commentator’s view reflects our society’s misplaced obsession with material wealth. No doubt, this obsession is often brought to the sport by certain tackle collectors and even by those who seem more concerned about what they look like on the stream than they are with the water and the life all around them. The inherent value of the living environment is so much greater that the merely symbolic value of our possessions.

4 Responses to “Tom Morgan Rodsmiths and Religion”

  1. rivertoprambles Says:

    Well said, and thank you. It’s no surprise to me that the media has blown (again) an excellent opportunity to reinforce the beauty of a great experience by giving us the “holy grail” of materialism instead, but maybe it’s better than nothing.


  2. munsey wheby Says:

    Very well stated! You certainly don’t need a $4,000 fly rod o enjoy a wonderful experience.


  3. Kenov Says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone in this view. Sometimes I have to wonder. Of course, I like nice tackle as much as the next person, but it surely is not the focus of my fishing pursuits (nor is catching “hogs,” “ripping lips,” and so on).

    Speaking of tackle, though, that Heddon 17 has really been a great rod for fishing around here, Munsey. That seventy-some-year-old rod suits me just fine.


    • munsey wheby Says:

      Ken- Great to hear she is still treating you right! That rod was barely used when I had it and I am sure it is glad to have found its way out West.


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