Burkheimer, Peak, and Gingrich

Filson recently released a promotional video featuring graphite rod maker Kerry Burkheimer. Filson sells C. F. Burkheimer fly rods, and Burkheimer wears Filson’s gear in the video.

I love my Filson “strap vest,” but I have never handled a Burkheimer rod. His rods are popular around here, and I have spoken to people who love them and to people who do not. One thing that interests me, personally, about Burkheimer rods is their pedigree. Burkheimer was mentored by Russ Peak — probably the most revered maker of fiberglass rods. His rods thus have an interesting connection to the past.

My favorite angling author, Arnold Gingrich, wrote of Peak that, “I regard his glass rods, and  the best makers’ bamboos, as fully equal examples of the rodmaker’s craft” (The Joys of Trout, 1973). This is high praise. Gingrich, the founding editor of Esquire magazine, had the money, intelligence, and experience to be a true connoisseur of bamboo rods.

Posted below is Filson’s video. No matter whether your are interested in Filson gear and Burkheimer rods or not, the video is worth watching.  It allows one to imagine what stepping back into  Peak’s workshop might have been like, though Burkheimer is no doubt his own man.

4 Responses to “Burkheimer, Peak, and Gingrich”

  1. Mike Rectenwald Says:

    This is great! Now I have to go spend some time reading Gingrich and looking at tackle!


  2. rectenblog Says:

    P.S. Was reading “Fly Fishing, the Sacred Art: Casting a Fly as a Spiritual Practice” and was pleased to see your cameo.


    • Kenov Says:

      Yes, Mike. Eric and I had originally started that project together, but it just wasn’t right for me. He and his co-author did a great job, though.


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