Getting Settled

Having relocated to the area where the Palouse and Rocky Mountains meet in Idaho, my mind has been as filled with fish and fly fishing as ever. But even with my thoughts wandering toward the rivers, I have been unpacking boxes and getting acquainted with a new university. This week, as time allows, I’ll get to know the angling collections housed among Washington State University’s Rare Books and Special Collections. And soon enough, I’ll reacquaint myself with Idaho’s fish. Eventually, I’ll even write a few posts about it.


The flagstones in our mid-century modern house were reportedly taken from the Clearwater River.

6 Responses to “Getting Settled”

  1. Paul The Rockthief Says:

    My brother live in Moscow and fished the North Fork of the Clearwater I believe. He loved it up there. Have fun exploring. Be sure to check out fishing to the west and southwest of you too. So much water and so little time.
    Flies For Steelhead is a book I will likely wear out over time just looking at the photographs. That series of books are gems.

    Interesting about the stones in your home. I wonder if they are a result of the ancient ice dam break in western Montana. That is some fascinating geology there. We have rocks here in the Willamette Valley from western Montana.
    Good fishing to you and happy exploring.


  2. rivertoprambles Says:

    Enjoy the process! Look forward to hearing more.


  3. troutpurgatory Says:

    Idaho is on my list of “places I should’ve gone when I had the time”. Enjoy your time there…for all of us back east of the Mississippi.


  4. Kenov Says:

    Moscow is really a great town. While I’ve been somewhat familiar with Idaho and Eastern Washington for a long time, I had no idea what a gem this town (and area) is.


  5. Bill Gregory Says:

    We are waiting…..


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