I’m greatly looking forward to a permanent return to the West. Packing for the move, however, is not much fun.


After:DSC02767And now for the reels, and the fly tying chest, and the landing nets, and…. I will happily leave the books for the movers.

7 Responses to “Moving”

  1. Chuck Mound Says:

    Good luck on the trip back. Hope you have a great position waiting for you.


  2. Kenov Says:

    Thanks, Chuck! My wife has a fantastic position waiting. And I have one which will allow me to do meaningful work, which makes it great too.


  3. rivertoprambles Says:

    Best wishes for a smooth return!


  4. Kenov Says:

    Thanks! Hopefully everything will be smooth indeed (except ice-covered roads). Mostly, I just hope our little girl holds up. Our stuff will be moved this week, but we don’t follow until mid-December, after spending a couple of weeks in a B and B.


  5. trutta99 Says:

    Best of luck with the move.


  6. Paul The Rockthief Says:

    Oh man that is just too neat. Does it still look like that? 🙂


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