Practice makes Perfect.

Pictures 001

Actually, I think she’s already perfect.

7 Responses to “Practice makes Perfect.”

  1. troutpurgatory Says:

    As a newer father, this post coaxed a big smile out of me. You must be proud. Thanks for posting.


    • Kenov Says:

      I really am proud. As you well know, fatherhood is pretty amazing. I sure hope she grows to love fly fishing with her dad (fortunately, I have a fly fishing niece who can serve as a role model), but if she doesn’t, that’s cool too.


  2. rivertoprambles Says:

    Nice cast, kiddo!


  3. Chuck Mound Says:

    Perfect she is.


  4. Kenov Says:

    Well, there could be some improvements around bedtime ….


  5. Munsey Wheby Says:

    Looks like she just laid out a nice cast! Great picture and I’m sure she will not just love fly fishing but its wonderful literature as well.


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