Brothers of the Angle.

In other words, for those who have a religious experience, all nature is capable of revealing itself as cosmic sacrality.

Mircea Eliade, Romanian author and  historian of religion, The Sacred and the Profane (Harcourt, 1959), 12. While some of his theories are now questioned, Eliade had an immense influence upon the academic study of religion.

It has been a while since I have posted. I have been distracted by a variety of things, including fishing. For instance, last week I had the pleasure of meeting some people in Romania to fly fish. My thanks go to painter Claudiu Presecan, who helped arrange the trip, and to his gracious family. I extend thanks, also, to rod maker Paul Sas for fishing and keeping good company with Claudiu and me. Claudiu and Paul are fine men — great fishers and thoughtful human beings — and I look forward to spending more time with them in the future. I am also grateful to some of their fellow fly fishers in Transylvania, especially their friend Dan, who allowed us to spend a couple of nights in his cabin. Transylvania is a beautiful place.  Its people and wild salmonids are as well.





Wild grayling.

Wild grayling.

Claudiu and Paul

Claudiu and Paul.

I’ll write more about recent events soon.  At 5:00 tomorrow morning however, I will meet another friend here in Magyarorszag (Hungary) for a second days of fishing for asp on the Danube.

A fly rod, an icon, and a stack of books, by Mircea Eliade and Ioan Culianu, at the fishing cabin.

A fly rod, an icon, and a stack of books by Eliade and Culianu at the fishing cabin.

3 Responses to “Brothers of the Angle.”

  1. cofisher49 Says:

    I look forward to more stories and lots of photos from Hungary.


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    […] summer, my friend Claudio Presecan visited. Claudio is from Cluj, Romania, and I have enjoyed fly fishing with him and his friends in Transylvania a couple of times. Therefore, it was a pleasure to finally be able to show him around my own […]


  3. In the Name of the River | The Literary Fly Fisher Says:

    […] Presecan, whom I have introduced to readers before, is one of these friends in Romania. Claudiu is a devoted fly fisher, as well as […]


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