A North Carolina Evening: Bluegrass in the Town Square


My wife, and daughter, and I enjoyed a pleasant evening downtown in our community, listening to local resident Tommy Edwards (founder of The Bluegrass Experience) and Friends.  Edwards is a legendary guitar player.  And among his “friends” tonight he had mandolin player Jerry Stuart.  According to Henderson and others, David Grisman identifies Stuart as his musical hero.  That’s something.  Yep, I like classic fly fishing tackle and old timey music too.

4 Responses to “A North Carolina Evening: Bluegrass in the Town Square”

  1. rivertoprambles Says:

    Glad you found some good entertainment downtown. I’m afraid I haven’t yet listened to Edwards or Stuart, but if David Grisman recommends them, I’m sure I would like them too.


  2. Kenov Says:

    As I don’t expect to be around here forever, I really need to get out and enjoy the local music more. Fortunately, our daughter is just getting old enough that we can drag her along.

    I haven’t listened to Grisman for years. Maybe I’ll do so while doing yard work this afternoon.


  3. cofisher49 Says:

    One of the many reasons why I need to vacation down there. Great music and fishing.


    • Kenov Says:

      You’ve got some traveling to do, Howard. Yeah, come on down and fish with Cameron, Tom, and I. It’s different than the West, to be sure, but it’s still wonderful.


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