The Web, Images, and Copyright Protection: The View of a Fly Fishing Publisher

Dr. Todd Larson, history professor and founder of Whitefish Press (publisher of numerous fly fishing titles) addresses the controversy surrounding Pinterest in his latest blog post. Visit his blog, Fishing for History: The History of Fishing and Fishing Tackle and read his thoughts and the results of his informal research concerning Pinterest in the 4/5/12 post, “A Pinterest-ing Problem: Pinterest, Copyright, and Your Fishing and Tackle Photos.”  As many of us interested in classic tackle spend a lot of time looking at or taking photos of rare items, the issue of copyright is an important one.  Of course, it’s an important issue in all dimensions of the “web.”   You’ll notice, by the way, that I simply provide a link to Larson’s post, rather than reblogging the post itself.

2 Responses to “The Web, Images, and Copyright Protection: The View of a Fly Fishing Publisher”

  1. emblock Says:

    This is a really important issue, and becoming an even greater problem. For instance, a few weeks ago by pure happenstance, I found a blog that had posted one of my pieces in it’s entirety….not linking back. Not cool at all. Thanks for helping to bring the need for responsibility and proper citations to the forefront.


  2. Kenov Says:

    No, not cool at all. There are many wonderful things about the digitization of knowledge and other intellectual and visual materials (you probably know this better than most), but theft is not one of them.


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