Hardy’s Diamond Jubilee Reel, further notes

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of handling Hardy’s Diamond Jubilee Perfect, about which I wrote in my previous post, at the Raleigh Fly Fishing Show.  It is truly a dandy, even if it is priced well beyond my own means.  The 1912 checkwork is very well made.  I was particularly impressed by the delicacy of the brass “worm” that puts pressure on the spring (sorry, I forgot to take my camera).  The reel is, in fact, still available, though most potential customers will have to go through dealers.

It was nice to chat with Jim Murphy and John Shaner of Hardy, USA at the show, and it was great of them to both come down to Raleigh.  They mentioned some very interesting products that may be coming down the line at Hardy.  I hope to talk more with them about these things this weekend in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

By the way, there was much to interest the person who is passionate about classic and antique fly fishing tackle at the Raleigh Show.  Reelmaker Ted Godfrey was there, as was Bob Selb of “The Classic Fly Fisherman.”  There were also some wonderful tiers of traditional salmon and trout flies.

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