A Great Writer Interviewed

Some of you fly fishers are likely familiar with the novels and poems of Jim Harrison.  Harrison writes often of Michigan, but now lives in Livingston, Montana.  He is well-known not just for his writings, but for his friendships with other fishing writers and artists, such as Tom McGuane, Richard Brautigan, and Russell Chatham.  If you are not familiar with the works of these men, you owe it yourself to pick up one of their books or to take a look at Chatham’s art.  You might also take a look at the movie Tarpon, which features some members of this crowd fly fishing for tarpon in 1970’s Key West.

In the meantime, enjoy this interview with Harrison, published in the most recent issue of Outside Magazine.  He is a fascinating, one-of-a kind personality.

3 Responses to “A Great Writer Interviewed”

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    […] Harrison (1937-2016), of whom I have written before, published The Theory and Practice of Rivers (Winn Books) in 1986. He […]


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    […] Jim Harrison‘s final book of poetry, he includes a piece on the Green Man. This figure appears repeatedly […]


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