Great Writing Rewarded

I offer my congratulations to friend Mike Sepelak, author of the blog Mike’s Gone Fishin’… Again, for winning first place in the Trout Unlimited/Outdoor Blogger Network blog writing contest.  You can read his winning post, “The Best Trout Fishing Trip Ever,” here.  Happily, his prize is four days in Montana this summer, while I’ll be at my family’s Montana cabin.  I hope we can catch a few cutthroats together.

I’ve admired Mike’s writing for some time.  I’m also grateful to him — a native South Eastern flyfisher  — for helping me acclimate to North Carolina and to learn a bit about warm water fly fishing.  I really hope that he will seek print publication of his essays someday; they are that good.

Below is a picture of Mike going fishing … again.

2 Responses to “Great Writing Rewarded”

  1. Mike Sepelak Says:

    Thanks, Ken, for your kind words. How about another trip to the City Tap to toast this honor and to figure out how we can hook up in Montana.


  2. kenov Says:

    Sound like a plan. I’ll bring along some info. on the area you’ll fish, too.


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