Fly fishing in Hungary

I have been visiting  Hungary, or Magyarorszag, these recent days.  My wife is from Budapest, and we come to Hungary often, especially now that we have a baby, who needs to know her Hungarian relatives.  Happily, there is plenty of fishing to do in Hungary.  One of the most popular game fish to target with flies is the asp or balin.  Thanks to Levente Kovacs-Sinko, who gave me plenty of pointers and put me on a good spot,  I caught my first asp this week on the River Danube or Duna.  I hope to catch more and larger fish on our next outing.

4 Responses to “Fly fishing in Hungary”

  1. Kev Says:

    I can’t wait to see more pics. Not too many fishing reports from HUNGARY.


  2. kenov Says:

    Thanks, Kevin. There will be more. I was skunked today during some stillwater fishing (except for a fish the size of my Clouser), but I have another asp trip planned and a trout trip too.


  3. Steve Richardson Says:

    I’m still waiting for my 1st Balin, I have caught some big Barbel on the Duna close to a little town called Kulcs and in the evening when I walk down to the beach, I often see the Balin working the shore.

    Was you using a fly or a lure for your Balin ?


  4. kenov Says:


    Sorry for my slow response. I’ve been “off the grid,” fishing. Anyway, I used flies — traditional wets and Thundercreek style flies on an intermediate line. Mind you, I’m a novice asp fisherman. I hope to improve in the future, though.


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