Japan, Rod Building, and Literature

Cameron Mortenson, of The Fiberglass Manifesto (thefiberglassmanifesto.blogspot.com/) visited last weekend to attend The Fly Fishing Show (www.flyfishingshow.com/).  Cameron brought with him a few glass demo rods with which to play.  He left behind a beautiful 7 foot 3 weight for me to try out.  This rod is built by Japanese craftsman Yasuyuki Kabuto.

I’ve been interested in contemporary rods from Japan for some time.  The Japanese have fished for centuries with flies, and European and American styles of fly fishing are popular there now.  Some amazing rod and reel builders have emerged in recent years.  Kabuto is one of these.  You can learn more about his rods at his website: www.kabutorods.com/.  I’ll be writing more about the one in my brief possession, as I will be fishing it this weekend.

There must be a wealth of Japanese-language writings on fly fishing.  I found myself wondering about the more literary — less technical — of these writings the other day.  I would certainly love to find some translations, if anyone can point me in the right direction.  Even texts in the original language would be welcome, as I have friends who can translate.

One Response to “Japan, Rod Building, and Literature”

  1. Mass Says:

    It’s a good location if you know where to go.


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