A few Montana classics….


Is anyone familiar with the Lucky Bug Shop, formerly in Butte?  I’m from Montana myself, but I grew up mostly in Helena, and the Lucky Bug may have closed before my time (or not long after).  I saw a rod marked with the shop’s name once, as well.

6 Responses to “A few Montana classics….”

  1. Keven Dietz Says:

    my great aunt and her son owned it…Art and Lucille Meinake…not sure of spelling…call me anytime or leave your no. …and I can call u for free…don’t really like computer talk.KD…just happened on this cause I have a rod she built for my dad I was going to have appraised


  2. kenov Says:

    Thanks for the note, Kevin! I’ve been curioius about the shop for a while, but I just don’t know many people from Butte. I’ll send a message to you email address with my number (or you can send yours to kenov@theliteraryflyfisher.com


  3. Shane Doucet Says:

    we have a friend of ours who has a lucky bug fly rod in the original case and he also would like to get it appraised. It came from Lucky Bug Shop 917 Utah ave., Butte, Montana
    If anybody can help with getting it appraised it would be greatly appreciated. Email me at sjdoucet@yahoo.com or call me at
    Shane Doucet
    Catahoula, La.


  4. Jim Schmidt Says:

    The shop was owned by my great aunt, Lucile Meineke and her son, Art Schmidt. She was my grandmothers sister, born in St. Anthony, ND.
    We’d travel there in summer, from North Dakota, to tie flies and fish the Big Hole River.
    She tied flies every day. We’d sit at the dinner table, her 2 parakeets flying around, tell stories and create flies from her vision. The only ones I remember that had someone else’s creation were “royal coachmen.”
    Art had a pig remains place outside of town where we’d collect maggots. He’d sell them in tobacco cans. I hated that smell but the smell of money was greater.
    Art did the reel repair and fly rod building. He was very precise and picky. He had a tremendous gun collection.
    I still have a number of flies that I tied with her. Those were the best of times.


    • Kenov Says:

      That’s really interesting, Jim! Thanks. I wish I could head back in time and hit a few of the old shops. Today, they almost all look alike and sell the same mass-produced flies.


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