Old School Fly Tying


This beautiful “Fontinalis Fin” wet fly was tied for me by Levente Kovács-Sinkó. Levente tied this by hand, without a vice.  His skill is obvious, as is his love of classic flies and other tackle.  I look forward to fishing with Levente on one of my visits to my wife’s native Hungary. Levente and I met online.  But, in one of those “small world” coincidences, it turns out he is acquainted with a close Hungarian family member.  You can check out Levente’s blog, “Classic Fly Fishing” (in Hungarian) here: “http://klasszikusmulegyezes.blogspot.com/

5 Responses to “Old School Fly Tying”

  1. Rab Says:

    This is probably one of the best wet flies that I have seen in over 40 years of fishing. I will be trying to tie a few of these for the start of the Brown Trout season in 2011. Cheers and tight lines.


    • kenov Says:

      She’s a beauty, isn’t she? I’ll post some more of Levente’s flies soon. I’m sad to say that I was not familiar with this pattern until I recieved this fly.


  2. Levente Says:

    Rab,Ken,many thanks!But I think,I need render thanks to Ray Bergman,too because I just would make March Brown,Coachman and other simpler flies without his work.Maybe this book is the one Bible of the wet fly dresser(the other one is William Blacker’s Art Of Fly Making).:)




  3. Gifts from Magyarország | The Literary Fly Fisher Says:

    […] benchmade Hungarian knife, some flies tied “in hand” by Hungarian fly fisher and friend Levente Kovács, and an Association of Hungarian Flyfishers […]


  4. Calvin Says:

    Good reaad


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