Thaddeus Norris, the Father of American Fly Fishing, describes the True Angler

With many persons, fishing is a mere recreation, a pleasant way of killing time. To the true angler, however, the sensation it produces is a deep unspoken joy, born of a longing for that which is quiet and peaceful, and fostered by an inbred love of communing wiht nature, as he walks through grassy meads, or listens to the music of a mountain torrent. This is why he loves occassionally — whatever may be his social propensity indoors — to shun the habitations and usual haunts of men, and wander alone bythe stream, casting his flies over its bright waters: or in his lone canoe to skim the unrufflled surface of the inland lake, where no sound comes to his ear but the wild, flute-like cry of the loon, and where no human form is seen but his own, mirrored in the glassy water.

Thaddeus Norris, American Angler’s Book, 1864.

2 Responses to “Thaddeus Norris, the Father of American Fly Fishing, describes the True Angler”

  1. somdfishing Says:

    Wonderful quote – thanks for sharing. To some of us, fishing is more than a recreation, more than a hobby, more than something to use as an excuse to “get away” – it is a part of what makes us who we are.


    • kenov Says:

      I just came accross that quote last night. And I just started the blog today. I’ll be posting often; do come back and share your thoughts.


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