Fishing in the time of Covid 19

These are strange times. More than ever, I cherish the beauty that exists in the world around us, human and otherwise. And in the natural world I find the inspiration to protect that beauty and to be sure others can enjoy it more equitably.


The home water, at my cabin.


Fish on, during a storm.


My beautiful still water steed.


Every evening at the cabin.


A favorite local river.


A little stream I visit often.


Im a native fish fan, but it’s hard to resist the beauty of a brookie.


The local cutthroat are always strong and healthy in their native environments, and eager to return to the water.

10 Responses to “Fishing in the time of Covid 19”

  1. AJ Morris Says:

    Hey Brother, glad to see you are getting out, and got the new boat over to the lake.

    If that brookie stream is the one I think it is, that’s a pretty decent fish for that water!


    • Kenov Says:

      I’ve had the boat out quite a bit. I’m loving it. Good timing on the purchase, I guess.

      And, yeah, that’s the tiny brookie stream.

      I’ll give you a ring….


  2. Emil Turner Says:

    great to see your post, and great to see the “fish on” shots. Thank you for your posts.

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  3. Claudiu Presecan Says:



  4. gmdlt Says:

    This is great – fishing means even more during quarantine. I’ve on the Pacific Coast, hours away from a fishable river, so I’m learning how to fly fish in the surf. It’s an adventure, for sure. Really enjoying your blog. I’m into fly fishing literature and I’m learning a lot.


    • Kenov Says:

      I agree very much.

      I live near the E. Coast for a while. I took me a while to get into saltwater fishing, but I really enjoy it now. Good luck with the adjustment.

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  5. Experience Film Says:

    Beautiful canoe 🛶


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